June Thom-Allan
General Manager

Shown here accepting the Award for the BankWest Community Service Runner-Up, September 1998. In 1999 she also won the Joondalup City Business Person of the Year Award.
In April 2001, June entered MORE awards - the Telstra Small Business Woman of the Year Awards are currently being judged and will be hosted at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth in September 2001.
June was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to London in 1973 where she worked for 16 years with Aer Lingus - Irish Airlines as an Administration Officer. She migrated to Perth, WA in 1988. 
She formed Readers' World magazine in April 1997 to offer an outlet for the many unpublished new writers in WA, but she now has subscribers from not only around Australia, but from New York to New Zealand.

Jo Hamlet

Jo was born in England and emigrated to WA in 1981. Jo is a professional published writer with 10 years experience. She runs a creative writing workshop in Yanchep, Western Australia, as well as many more 'How To Write Right' workshops for Readers' World.
When not writing she can be found playing golf amongst the Kangaroos, but not on Thursdays. 


Amanda Nolan


Sylvia Hurlbatt



  Samantha Allan
Web Designer, Magazine Design & Production

Samantha lays out the stories and pictures on each page ready for printing (ie. typesetting), designs the magazine covers and has also created the latest web site.

At 28 years of age she has her own small business, BizMagic, and also has created and works on the Readers' World database.

She has a BSc degree in Nutrition and Food Science and enjoys reading, travelling and being creative.

Kevin Allan
Web Designer

Kevin is 20 years of age and is studying for a degree in Electrical Engineering at Curtin University.

Kevin set up the original web domain and is also our computer expert when things go wrong (as they inevitably do).



Stephanie Allan
Disc Filer

Stephanie is 11 years old and files authors' discs in alphabetical order when they come in so that it is easier for us to find them!

Gavin Allan
Operations Manager

Gavin is the one who keeps everyone on their toes (That's a dad's job, isn't it?).

He is the lead singer in a quartet (or two), with several medals for his efforts, who do mainly a cappella singing. He also sings in a Barbershop Chorus (Men in Harmony) in Perth.

Call Gavin on 08 9300 8247 if you require some entertainment at your next social event!