Kev's 83 MkII Supra Turbo

The MkII Supra was brought into Aus in two flavours:
2.8 L Non-turbo
2 L Turbo
So which one to buy? Easy! 2.8 L... and whack on a Turbo  :)

Kev's Modified Supra:

Bore x Stroke:
Compression Ratio:
Head Gasket:



1983 Toyota Celica Supra (Aus Spec).
Pre-turbo: 116HP@4800 Post-turbo: Estimated 150HP
Pre-turbo: 145lb-ft@3600 Post-turbo: Estimated 170lb-ft
Toyota 5M-E SOHC 2.8L
83 x 85 = 2759 cc
Approx 7.6:1
Garrett T3 turbo @ 6PSI
Toyota 4spd Auto
4.10:1 LSD
Cold Air Induction with K&N-type Filter
2.25" all the way
Stock single core, top and bottom tank.
Approx 233,000 at 4/4/2001
ACL Graphite / Stainless steel, with 1.5mm decompression plate

Deck: Pioneer
Amp: Weconic
Kenwood and Boss 7x10's,
Pioneer 4"

What's Left to be done:
(in order of priority)

3-core radiator- recored, enough to cool a V8
Tyres! Or winter will be *real* interesting with LSD and my 'racing slicks' :)
Turbo Timer
Blow off valve
3" Exhaust


Purchased the car in June 2000. Car ran great for many trips, up and back to uni.

Sound Setup
The first thing to do was, of course, get the sound system sorted. For a deck I wanted something with lots of pretty flashing lights and millions of colours and something that looks really cool. I bought me a Pioneer from Marlows that not only had this, but was a damn good deck to boot.

In the way of speakers I decided to go with 7x10's. I already had one working Kenwood left from the Corolla days, and I ended up buying some Boss 7x10's aswell. These sounded pretty good and were pretty cheap too. 

So I had my speakers but where to put them? My 'rolla had a parcel shelf (a very weak one) that held my speakers. The Supras didnt come with parcel shelves, but only with a rear hatch cover which I didnt have anyway. My first main task was to build a shelf.

I headed up to WA Salvage to get some quality wood. Nice thick stuff. 9 bucks or something. Bargain.
Swing by the Carpet Choice warehouse in Joondalup and turn on my charm. Next thing i know I'm walking out with about 15 square metres of thick shag carpet. Sure its beige and doesnt match the rest of my interior... but beggars cant be choosy, and it does give the car a Home-Sweet-Home kinda feel.

Make a few measurements, find a big bar of wood lying round to use as a pivot, and assemble. Easy really. And out of all of the mods, Im probly most happy with the way this one turned out. Perfect fit!

Power Steering
About 2 months later, noticed a small oil leak on the driveway. Leak gets bigger and bigger. Diagnose as leaky power steering assembly. Having to top up power steering fluid about once a day (~100ml = not cheap! :)  Replaced with new unit from a parts car, took about 1.5 hours to install. Problem fixed.

Heat and Starting
Then at about September the car started getting slightly hot. (Usually runs bang on mid-point on digital dash). Had to start filling up the radiator every now and then. Overheating became gradually worse and worse. Then before you know it Im filling up the radiator twice a day- once at home, and once at uni.

Around about the same time, intermittent starting problem. Car will just 'click' from the starter and will not turn the motor over. However, car will either start with jump from another car, or a hit to the starter = temporary fix :)

Take car to Lakeside Radiators in Joondalup to get radiator flushed. Reported 80% blockage in one of the tanks. Flushed okay, and car runs cool as.... for a week or so.

The News
End of December, take car back to Lakeside Radiators to get radiator checked for blockage. Gav tells me that it seems more like a Blown Head Gasket. Went up the road to get a free CO2 test. Extreme case of BHG.

Supra comes off the road straight away to fix problems mentioned above.

We took the head off and had a look at the Head Gasket. Looks like a small blow near one cylinder. Blown Head Gasket alright.

Turbo Lovin'
A little while later Im looking thru the Quokka on the net and notice an ad that catches my eye. Get talking to him (Rob), and he says he's got some turbo stuff for my engine for sale. Anyway, go to check it out. Complete system. Great. Purchased.
List of components includes:
All parts of Aus Spec Turbo Supra (M-TE):
Garrett T3 turbo
Intake and Exhaust manifolds.
All intake piping
Stock Toyota Mk3 Blow-Off valve
Modified Oil Sump with pickup for turbo
T-piece for turbo oil supply (run from oil pressure switch)
Oil Cooler with connections
5M-E head (thicker than mine = lower comp. ratio)
Cam, Turbo Rocker Cover, and other associated parts

After buying all this stuff, me and my Dad set out to complete the task.

We put everything totally together minus the exhaust that needs to be welded to the turbo exhaust at a later date.
Takes us quite some time to do this.
Start it up. Brmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... runs good, but dies. No explanation for it, except that it must be because the exhaust is not connected and theres no backpressure.
After about 2 minutes at about 1000rpm, and no cap on radiator, check the oil and its all milky. CRAP. Water in the oil. Spend the rest of the day pulling everything apart again.

We think to ourselves what it could be and are stumped. Must be a dodgy head gasket. Head on down to Odin to try and get a refund on the 'dodgy' ACL head gasket. While we're waiting for the head gasket refund under warranty, I decide to buy another Head Gasket. George recommends another (cheaper) brand that should be just as good.

Purchase and take home. We then put everything back together and make sure that we have done everything right.
Start it up again... Vroooommmmmmm.... burble burble burble... sounds like a big V8 when really its just running too rich :)
Take it for a spin around the block. Revs get up to 2000rpm.... and like a punch in the face, it hits full boost and i fly off down the street. Then I hear what sounds like *really* bad pinging. Terrible noise, and soo loud!
After a few days of trying different things- retarding the ignition considerably - back to 0 degrees! - and others, I get stranded outside Harvey Norman when the temp rises too much for my liking and I decide to switch off to let it cool. 'Click.' Won't start. "Hey Colin, what you doing?" hehehe. Colin's there in a flash. "The jump starts are always free, buddy!" Thanks Col! :)
Take it safely home.
Then I come to the verdict that its well and truly f..stuffed.

Park the car in the garage and pull the head off. Damn, this is starting to annoy me.

Anyway, me and my Pops gets the head off and jeeez. Talk about a blown head gasket! The metal that lines the bore part of the gasket has been blown so hard that its curled up, and is bent. Even under 60lb-ft of torque of the head bolts! Good head gasket my ass!

Head on down to Odin and have a cry. I have a letter waiting for me from AAA Gaskets- the maker of the first gasket that I had thought faulty. They conduct many many tests to find faults in their gaskets. In the letter was a list of the tests and the conclusions of each. Apparently it looks like the gasket wasnt torqued down enough, and wasn't sealing properly. However out of good will they attached a brand spaking new head gasket! Just what I wanted! How did you know!? Heheh. George at Odin: "umm... you better turn your boost down.. I dont wanna see you in here buying another head gasket :)"  (or words to that effect:) Hahaha turn it down? I dont think so! Seeya later!

Go home and have another think. If i were to put the engine back together, would probably have the same problems? Yep, would do. The compression ratio is just too high (head had been shaved), and would just blow again.

I made a call to ACL gaskets over east and have a GREAT chat to a guy that is full of info that I need. He tells me of a part that they sell that will decrease my compression ratio! Just what I need! Everyone else had told me that I was a retard and no part existed!

Order the Steel Shim and get it in from Marlows a week later. Put it all back together as per instructions.
Estimated compression ratio is about 7.6:1, that should be great for my turbo.

Finally get it all back together and start it up again. Vrmmmmmm....
Take it for a burl... great! no pinging! and flies! Finally Im back on the road for the first time in about 3 months!

After running for about 20 minutes on the freeway, temp starts to creep up. Going to have to get me a 3-core radiator or something else that'll be nice and cool....

The Starter
Dad went on holiday for a couple of weeks, and while he was away, the starter motor has been overhauled (new contacts), and the thermostat has been changed a million times.

Heat Shield(s)
I took the car for a little spin one day, only for about 10 minutes or so. Came back, opened the bonnet... man! talk about hot in there! Then I happened to notice my car alarm was not the same shape as before. Damn. Allll melty. Who's idea was it to mount the alarm above the exhaust?

Therefore, next task- built a turbo heat shield. Successful. No melty after 10 minutes..... Only melty after 30 minutes. Make another heatshield for the alarm (no its not possible to move it), and Im yet to find the alarm soft at all.

Cold Air Induction
The other day I'm just talking to my buddy (heh) Alpine on the net, talking about cold air induction. Next day I thought yeah, might give that a bash! Head down to Marlows and buy me a budget version of the ever so popular K&N air filter. Whip out the old tinsnips, and start making a little hole near where the airbox use to sit bigger and bigger. Finally I get it big enough, and manage to slide the new filter between that wall and the outer fender. Tight fit. Very tight. Luckily I also had some hoses lying around for it too.
The verdict? Phwoar! Better response and a mad sucking sound on boost!

Getting the car dyno'd this Tuesday night (10/4/2001), with the AFARCC and Rolla-Boyz Car clubs. I don't expect to pull big HP, but will be interesting :) If I get over 120rwhp, I'll be real happy :) Will post dyno results here when its done.


The pics aren't too great. Theyre just screencaps from the camcorder.