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The Ten Step Online Workshop


Step 1: Sources of Fiction
Imagination, experiences, memories, dreams, gossip, media.
Step 2: Creating Characters
How to make profiles and produce believable characters.
Step 3: Dialogue
Its purpose and punctuation.
Step 4: Show Don’t Tell
The five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste should all be included in a story.  Adverbs and adjectives. Use of metaphors and similes. Cliches.
Step 5: Setting the Scene
Plot, conflict and resolution.  Where, why and how? What if? 
Step 6: How to Begin and When to Stop
The importance of grabbing the reader and where to end the story.
Step 7: Decision Time
Genre, point of view.
Step 8: Action Time
Now is the time to put it all together and write your story. Active and passive voice.
Step 9: Final Polish
How to edit.  Grammar and spelling.
Step 10: Time to Submit
Format. Covering letter. Where do I send it?

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