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Samantha's Editorial:


Welcome to June’s edition of Readers’ World magazine featuring ‘Tomorrow’s Best Sellers Today’. Well, who would believe we are almost half-way through the year 2001 already? And what a busy year it’s been! Subscriptions are slowly, but surely, on the rise as we strive to keep advertising to a minimum to allow the inclusion of more writers in each issue. And this issue is no exception - with a selection of short poetic works, Issue 22 is jam-packed full of works from a range of Australian writers.

We have decided to acknowledge those subscribers who are helping us out by introducing new friends and family members to Readers’ World and so, you will find in this issue an ‘Acknowledgements’ section displayed with many thanks from the team here at Readers’ World. Don’t forget that, as a bonus to all nominating subscribers, an extra month’s edition of the magazine is added to that person’s current subscription - so everyone benefits. Just take a look at our ‘Have Your Say’ article on page 28 - one of the many inspirational emails we receive on a regular basis.

This month’s issue of Readers’ World has so much literature featured within it that I have to keep my editorial to a minimum for a change. So to end I would just like to say a big thank you to all of our supporters. We want our magazine to be internationally-recognised, which means we want your works to be shown world-wide too. You all deserve recognition for your efforts and we look forward to you having a long-lasting relationship with Readers’ World.

Samantha Allan.