New Releases
Olympic Kids 2000
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$20.00) 

Over 300 children entered our poetry competition with the 'Olympics' theme and all of these children were published in our Olympic Kids 2000 Poetry Book.

Yanchep / Two Rocks:
Yesterday & Today
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$12.00) 

Yanchep- It is still the coast with the most shipwrecks, the coast where Leeman landed to search for relics and survivors of the ill-fated Gilt-Dragon, and the place where the Alex T Brown floundered.

Winter Warmers
Indian Ocean Books
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$16.50) 
Little bit of a write up.

Tea Time Tales
Indian Ocean Books
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$21.95) 

The latest anthology published by Readers' World containing short stories and poems from writers around the world.

Sweet Wanton
Indian Ocean Books
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$16.50) 
Little bit of a write up.

Palmers' Outback Legends
Indian Ocean Books
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$16.50) 
Little bit of a write up.

Previous Releases
Readers' Paradise
Indian Ocean Books
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$16.50) 
Contains contributions by, until now, relatively unknown writers.
Readers' Paradise is an anthology of stories written by our subscribers from all over Australia and the world. 
Some writers featured in the book have previously been published in Readers' World magazine, while others count this as their debut. Whatever the case, there is a large pool of talent here just waiting to be discovered. Why not pick up a copy of Readers' Paradise today, and discover the talent for yourself?

The Yanchep Inn (1936 - 1997)
by Jo Hamlet
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$14.25)
All too often, books on local history are ignored because they tend to deliver dates, statistics and names, which mean nothing to the average reader.  Jo Hamlet has avoided this trap.  Her book presents the history of the Inn at Yanchep, which lies in the northern district of Perth, Western Australia, in a most readable and interesting manner.  Events range from the beginning of the Inn through its golden age, its use in rehabilitating troops during WW II, to its demise and subsequent resurrection bringing us up to the present day.
This is a well researched book, which uses the recollection of many inhabitants and is well worth adding to one's collection of books about our local heritage.

The Upside of Down
by Ros Mansell
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$10.95)
Ros' collection of poems is truly inspirational. Her work evokes feelings of joy, love, hope and understanding - a keepsake you will cherish for years to come.

Forever on My Mind
by Julie Cameron
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$11.00)
This book reflected Julie's philosophy on life. Diagnosed with cancer, Julie found strength in God, who often guided her pen and is her 'Forever Friend'.
A compilation of poetry written from the heart.
Julie passed away recently but her memory lives on through this book.

Stone Walls
by Peggy Graham
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$11.00)
A suspense filled book, that will keep you intrigued.

Fireside Tales
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$16.50)
Our second compilation of stories and poetry from Readers' World subscribers. Some potential 'Best Seller' material here.

Readers' Paradise 2k
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$16.50)
This is our most recent collection of poetry and stories from up and coming writers from around Australia and the world.

The many lives of the man who should not be here
by Kimberley Sadleir
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$27.45)

You will not read this book because the author is well known, but because your soul will feel a companion in his. It has romance, adventure, disaster, pain, sadness, hope and a far sighted view of the future. It talks of technical marvels and financial disasters.
Great reading. 

Lewis: a gentle pioneer
by Judith Roberts
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$16.45)

This book tells the story of Hugh Lewis Frederick Weir, the last descendent of James Lewis Berkley Weir, a past mayor of Claremont among other things.
Written by his daughter Judith, it reflects the affection felt by her 
to her father.

The Ugly Duckling Syndrome
by Michelina Field
(Indian Ocean Books - Aus RRP A$11.00)
.This book sets out to encourage people who feel
'unacceptable', and others to become mentors.
It will give strength and comfort to those who feel they
are the only ones in this situation.
It is a feel-good book for all.

How to Write Right
(Readers' World - Aus RRP A$16.45)
Have you ever wanted to write a short story and didn't know where to begin?
A Step by Step Guide
to short story writing
(Also Creative Writing Workshops
in your area)
Online writing course now
available at