Bankwest Awards 1999
On 17th September, 1999, the staff of Readers' World attended the North West Metro Business Awards. Held in Joondalup Western Australia, the awards night attracted many other businesses based in the area.

Readers' World gained the attention much needed for the ongoing success of the magazine when June Thom-Allan not only won the BankWest Runner-Up Award in the Community Service category, but was hailed as the Business Person of the Year.

Winning these Awards is a strong indication of what a great service Readers' World is providing for writers and readers around the world.

Indian Ocean Books is another 'arrow' for June's 'bow'. 
This arm of Readers' World, caters to those of you who want to take that next step and have that book published. You know the book I'm talking about. 
The one you've been putting together for years on your family tree; or your compilation of short stories that you always wanted to see with just 'your work' in it; or that story written by dad that's been under the bed for years.
Whatever you want, we can take you through the steps, from first draft, to finished book.
E-mail Gavin for a quote. Small numbers are no longer a problem. DO IT NOW!